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Honours & Awards

As we are starting to open back up, it is time to catch up on the Branch Honours and Awards.

Currently we have 49 long service pins to distribute, and we also need to look at the contributions of some of our Comrades over the last 2 years and recognize their efforts.

With this recognition in mind, we have formed an Honours and Awards committee to streamline the processes.  To make this work, we will need your help!

The awards we are looking at for Legion Members are as follows:

MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL - must be based on the activities of the individual and these activities must exceed the standard that is expected of a member.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP - for outstanding Legion service after ten years of continuous membership.

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - When it is desired to honour a member for service which is considered to be above that which might be expected of an officer or member, but not sufficient to warrant a recommendation for a Life Membership or MSM; or as a means to recognize contributions made by members in the intervening years before they would be eligible for consideration for a Life Membership or the Meritorious Service Medal.

CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION - for services provided to the Legion.

LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR AWARD - to recognize the hard work of many volunteers within our Branches.  We have dedicated members who volunteer countless hours each year towards our success and they should be recognized.


FRIENDSHIP AWARD - exists to honour and recognize individuals and organizations who have rendered assistance, service or cooperation to the Legion beyond that which could normally be anticipated or expected.

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - may be granted to organizations, groups or persons outside of the Legion in recognition of service(s) rendered to or on behalf of the Legion.

CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION - may be awarded by any level to individuals, companies, groups, etc. for special service(s) rendered to the Legion.

MEDIA AWARD - to recognize the media - newspapers and radio and television stations - that have supported the Legion’s work within the community. The award may be presented to media outlets or media personnel at the Branch, Zone, District and Provincial Command levels.

Please write up a short paragraph, or use point form, why an individual or group deserves an award.  The Committee will review all nominations and complete the administrative processes to move them forward.  These nominations can be  dropped at the Branch and put in the Membership mail slot in the office. 

Please have your submissions in by 18 March.

Awards will be presented in May 2022 at a special luncheon.  If you have any ideas on how we should do this, or wish to help please let us know.

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