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Become a member of Branch 281


The Royal Canadian Legion in Ontario is comprised of over 400 branches with a total membership of over 100,000 making the Legion the largest service oriented organization in Ontario.

Although our main focus continues to be remembering those who gave their lives for freedom, and looking after the needs of Veterans, their dependents, and those still serving in the Canadian Forces; Legions throughout Ontario Command are also contributing to the well being of our neighbours by sponsoring community programs. Support for the communities we live in is one of our main beliefs.

Did you know that the vast majority of Canadian adults can become members of the Legion?


Today, there is no requirement to have a family link to a Veteran in order to become a member of the Royal Canadian Legion. Voting membership in the Legion is now open to any Canadian citizen of Federal voting age who supports the purposes and objects of the Royal Canadian Legion. Non-voting membership is also available to any non-Canadian citizen who is 18 years of age or older.

Ordinary membership

Includes still serving and retired military, reservists, RCMP, police officers, Canadian Coast Guard, and others listed in the General By-Laws.

Associate membership 

Includes parents, spouses, widows, widowers, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces as well as nephews of a person who is or was eligible for Ordinary membership.

Affiliate voting membership

Includes Canadian citizens or Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who support The Royal Canadian Legion’s aims and objectives and are not eligible for ordinary or associate membership.

Affiliate non-voting membership

Includes non-Canadian citizens or non-Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who support The Royal Canadian Legion’s aims and objectives.

RCL Branch 281 currently has 161 members: 6 Life, 20 Ordinary, 95 Associate, and 40 Affiliate.

2022 Membership dues are only $55.00 per year if paid between September and 30 November, $65.00 after that.

Any questions? Please email:

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